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Welcome to Cyber Submission Solutions, a leading Cyber Security Consulting Firm providing tailored Cyber Security
Solutions to the Healthcare sector. We specialize in HIPAA security risk assessments, external vulnerability scans, and security awareness training to assist in securing your business from all angles and ensuring compliance with all requirements.

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Our HIPAA security risk assessment service includes evaluating your current security measures, conducting a thorough risk analysis to identify and assess potential vulnerabilities, and providing actionable recommendations for mitigating these risks. This ensures that your organization can enhance its security posture and maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our security awareness training educates employees on cybersecurity risks and best practices, including phishing simulations, to prevent cyber-attacks and assist in meeting compliance requirements. Tailored programs increase awareness, reduce errors, and foster a strong cybersecurity culture within your organization.

Our external vulnerability scanning service aims to help you identify and address any potential weaknesses in your network infrastructure, web applications, and other digital assets. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge scanning tools and techniques to detect vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to prevent cyberattacks and data breaches.
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Our Vision

At Cyber Submission Solutions, we specialize in Cyber Security Consultant services tailored to help healthcare businesses meet compliance requirements and protect their assets. Our goal is to lead in the Healthcare sector by offering innovative solutions and a client-centric approach that ensures your business remains secure and compliant.


One-Time Package

One Time
$ 750 Monthly
  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • External Vulnerability Scans
  • Security Awareness Training

Customized Services

a la carte
$ 600 Monthly
  • Choose any service below
  • HIPAA Security Risk Assesment
  • External Vulnerability Scans
  • Security Awareness Training

Yearly Subscription

$ 1500 Annual
  • Quarterly SRA's
  • Quarterly Vulnerability Scans
  • Security Awareness Training
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